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We have helped hundreds of customers over the years achieve their turbocharging dreams. Let us help with your projects.

Some Of Our Sponsored Rides

Red Cup Racing

Land speed racing team that started in 2009, racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Red Cup Racing Group Photo Red cup racing salt flats red cup racing 2016 redcup racing sponsored by limit engineering Red cup at the salt flats with garrett turbo Red Cup Racing Land Speed
Red Cup Racing Turbo Red Cup Racing

Tom Sauter Racing

Tom Sauter Racing Record holder Bonneville 2009 New CP/MP Record 205.287 MPH as well as Bonneville Speed Week 2012 E-DT Record 154.301 MPH

Boniville Salts Racing Tom Sauter Salt Flats Racing Toam Sauter Race Truck

The Nuclear Tomato

The_Nuclear_Tomato The_Nuclear_Tomato The_Nuclear_Tomato The_Nuclear_Tomato